In the current situation greatness in client care is the most significant device for supported business development. At FG Solution we really put stock in giving top tier administrations to our clients. We expect to comprehend both our qualities and disappoints from our client's perspective and work over our specialty units to meet their needs.

This strategy record targets limiting cases of client objections and complaints through legitimate help conveyance and survey system and to guarantee brief redressal of client grumblings and complaints and discount in cases not fit for redressal.

Grievance Resolution and discount Policy is required as under Rule 5 (9) of the IT Rules, 2011.

FG Solution India's strategy on complaint redressal and discount follows the under noted principles:

  • Customers should consistently be dealt with decently
  • Customers are completely educated regarding roads to heighten their protests/complaints inside the association and their privileges to elective remedy.
  • In situations where redressal is beyond the realm of imagination, discount of the sum paid by the client at the earliest

The strategy report is accessible on the FG Solution site for example

FG Solution invests heavily to address all objections/concerns drew out into the open by our clients and furthermore comprehend the significance to comprehend, group and separate grumblings from questions. The strategy plainly characterizes the two.

A grumbling might be characterized as "An outflow of disappointment made to an association, identified with its items and administrations, or the objections taking care of procedure itself, where a reaction or goals is unequivocally or verifiably expected" A protest might be communicated face to face, via phone or in writing

A inquiry can be characterized as an inquiry, regularly communicating question about something or searching for an answer from a power. An inquiry is:

  • A type of addressing, in a line of enquiry
  • In nature of a solicitation for data or guidance
  • Where there is a desire from the client – for information/clarification.

At FG Solution, we might want to guarantee you of the best of our administrations at all times.

The supporters can raise complaints through the accompanying modes:

Grievance Portal: Click Here To Raise Grievance

Email: The supporter may keep in touch with us at

An affirmation will be sent to the complainant inside three working days of the receipt of the complaint. Affirmation will contain Date of receipt of objection/complaint, Unique Grievance Number, anticipated date for goals of complaint, Name, Designation and Contact subtleties of Office, way and method of following goals of complaint/grumbling with the Unique Grievance Number.

The goals time will not surpass 30 days from the date of the receipt of the grievance from the complainant.

A grievance will be considered as discarded and shut when

(a) the organization has agreed to the solicitation of the complainant fully.

(b) where the complainant has demonstrated recorded as a hard copy, acknowledgment of the reaction of the Company

(c) where the complainant has not reacted to the Company inside about two months of the organization's composed response.

(d) Where the Grievance Redressal Officer has guaranteed that the Company has released its legally binding, legal and administrative commitments and in this manner shuts the complaint.

Company will plug its complaint redressal method on its site and through other mediums

The record of protests is kept up for a base time of 1 years from the date of goals.

These surveys will think about the accompanying:

1. Inner considers, for example, changes hierarchical structure or items and administrations offered

2. Outer calculates, for example, changes enactment or mechanical development

3. The consequences of review, if any led during the year by interior/outside auditors.