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Begin your marriage with the proper documentation.

A marriage certificate is one of the most important documentary proofs of your marriage, which makes getting one, that important. No matter how elaborate, extravagant, and well organized the wedding, the Government and most of your legal work will only recognize a marriage certificate as proof of your marriage. Secondly, this certificate can also be […]

How to go about getting an India-Bangladeshi passport

All passport processes have their own complications and hiccups. However, if you, as an individual of Bangladeshi nationality, have your documentation in order, you might find the passport creation process that much easier and surprisingly faster. In case you are working on getting a Bangladeshi passport, you can download the application form here. Make sure […]

The distance from India to Ethiopia is getting a lot shorter in this day and age.

Ethiopia officially called the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country located in the African continent. It has common borders with Eritrea to the North, Somalia to the East, Sudan and South Sudan to the West and Kenya to the South. If we look back at history, we see a large part of Africa […]

Are passport application lines getting longer?

We are living in a world getting smaller and smaller, with the distance between people and places constantly reduced by cheap and affordable air travel. Tickets are now easier to come by, the number of planes increasing, and people heading all around the world since it is a lot more convenient in this day and […]

Working with an agent when creating your passport.

Although the passport creation process has now been taken online, there are a lot of documents needed to get it done. Further, not everyone has a great internet connection, to allow them to complete filling out the forms. Some even find the applications for Passport Application, quite daunting so prefer heading to a passport office […]

Are Indians surrendering their passports for better prospects?

A few years ago, in an effort to stop people from creating dual passports, the Government mentioned that they would no longer support dual citizenship in India. This was a bit of an issue for a lot of people who were planning on moving abroad for work or better prospects. The Government argued that travel […]

Origin of the Portuguese Passport in Goa along with it’s ill effects.

Goa was a Portuguese colony in the late 1960’s after which it was liberated by India. During the Portuguese regime, all the residents had to compulsorily have a travel document called as “Bilhette de Identicao” (BI) if they intended to travel to any other state. After the liberation, the residents adopting the Indian culture also […]

Indian Passport Holder : Guide to Applying for a Visa for Australia

Indian nationals are now eligible to lodge visit visa applications for Australia on-line w.e.f 1st of July 2017. Online passport application offers advantages like 24/7 accessibility, electronic payment of the visa application charge and therefore the ability to ascertain the status of applications lodged on-line. With the applicant’s permission, the online form is completed by […]

The Necessity of Aadhar for Passport Application!!

When you think about passport application what is the first question that you ask yourself, is it where do i need to submit the form? Or what documents will i need for Passport application? There are a range of documents like your Election ID, Aadhar Card, Bank Passbook & Birth Certificate etc that you could […]