Changing your PAN card name is easier with a marriage certificate.

Since India is a country with diverse cultures, traditions, rituals, and religions, marriages no matter how extravagantly celebrated, have to be registered either under the Hindu marriage act or the special marriage act. After a marriage has been registered under either of these Acts, the people involved would receive a marriage certificate.


What is the process of creating a marriage certificate?

To get a marriage certificate, the couple getting married needs to apply to the office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate based on where the wife or husband resides.

Fill out the application form

Both parties have to be present and sign the application form before the wedding
There are a couple of documents to be submitted along with the application form as well

There would then be a verification process to make sure the right documents are submitted and the information mentioned is accurate

The certificate is then issued in the presence of a gazetted officer on the same day


Why is this certificate important?

Many people change their last names after their marriage, although this is usually done by the wife. The change in name is only recognized when it is handled using a marriage certificate. Make sure that the information mentioned on the marriage certificate is accurate since it would then be used to make changes to all other documents including PAN cards and passports.


What is the process for changing your name on your PAN card?

It’s fairly simple since most of the PAN card processes are now available online and make the entire process easier.

Download and fill out the application form with all the information asked for

You have to use the form for making a change to your name and not the one applying for a new PAN card

Attach the required documentation including your address proof and your marriage certificate with your new name

Make sure there aren’t any errors in the form

Submit the form


All of these changes would incur fees that would have to be paid to make these changes.


If you do not have a marriage certificate, you would have trouble using other documentation to prove a name change. You could get your previous Aadhaar card and documentation from your respective religious organization but it might not always hold strong.


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