Begin your marriage with the proper documentation.

A marriage certificate is one of the most important documentary proofs of your marriage, which makes getting one, that important. No matter how elaborate, extravagant, and well organized the wedding, the Government and most of your legal work will only recognize a marriage certificate as proof of your marriage. Secondly, this certificate can also be used as evidance of your name change, since wives usually change their last names after their marriage.


There are other documents used to show a name change as well, documents such as, divorce decree, court order, or another valid ID with the correct name on it. However, changing your identification proof to another name would be a longer and tougher process, as compared to getting a marriage certificate, which can even be done in two days.


Changing your name on your passport.

If you want to change your name on your passport, apply for the reissue of a passport. There are other reasons why you could be applying for a reissue, reasons like running out of pages or their passports expiring. All the same, make sure it is stated on the form when you are filling it out, that you are specifically looking to change your name.

Attach the supporting documentation for a name change.

You have to provide documentation stating that your name has been changed, showing your previous one and the new one. The submission of this information can be done online since some passport offices have a website or offline at their offices.


Having a marriage certificate makes the entire process easier since there is clear proof that you are married to someone and looking to change your surname to theirs. Although there are other documents that allow you to make this change, it is usually a tedious process. The other alternative is a new identification or proof of address with your correct (new) name on it. Furthermore,  you have to pay a fee every time you make a change to your passport, so try to avoid any errors when filling out the forms.

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