The distance from India to Ethiopia is getting a lot shorter in this day and age.

Ethiopia officially called the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a country located in the African continent. It has common borders with Eritrea to the North, Somalia to the East, Sudan and South Sudan to the West and Kenya to the South.

If we look back at history, we see a large part of Africa colonized by the British. They had one of the largest empires in the world at the time, colonizing, many countries, including with India. India and Africa had a lot more in common than it might seem. One significant thing about these two places were the people who travelled from one subcontinent to the other continent and vice versa. Obviously, travelling, back in the day, had its own pros and cons. You can read more about their history here.

Today, a lot has changed with travelling becoming a lot more convenient. Here are the requirements to consider before making a trip from India to Ethiopia. If you are an Indian citizen, let your Indian passport scream it. If you do not have one, quit lazying around and apply for an Indian passport immediately. You can get that done here.

With your Indian passport, you can quite simply apply for an Ethiopian visa through the interwebs. You do not even need a lot of documentation to get this done. You need to be in India or having a residence certificate where ever you are based but should hold an Indian passport. As you might have guessed,  you need a photograph too.

Fill out the application form here.

The next thing you should be informed about is the costing. There are three categories of visa that you could apply for depending on your urgency for getting one. The ‘Standard’ visa costs about Rs. 8k, with the ‘Rush visa’ costing about Rs. 9.5k. The ‘Super rush’ visa is the most expensive and it costs about Rs. 11.5k. You would receive a ‘Rush visa’ in about one to two business days, however, there are occasional delays depending on the system, please bear with them. The ‘Standard’ visa takes about ten days which is not the worst considering that there are others who have applied for it.

After you are done with the fees and forms, assuming there aren’t any errors, you should have your visa dispatched by the fortnight. This means that you can be on your way in a month after getting everything done.

If you are planning a trip and need assistance getting there, you can get in touch with us here.

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