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Are passport application lines getting longer?

We are living in a world getting smaller and smaller, with the distance between people and places constantly reduced by cheap and affordable air travel. Tickets are now easier to come by, the number of planes increasing, and people heading all around the world since it is a lot more convenient in this day and age. However, a lot of travelling requires a passport which is making everyone realize how much they need one. The rush for passport application has now reached new heights, the only major thought is whether people in India want an Indian passport or want to be foreign nationals since the Government isn’t allowing dual citizenship.

A majority of the population are creating passports for vacations to remote places. However, there is a small chunk of people still travelling for work and to them, another nationality makes sense with the additional opportunities not necessarily available to an Indian passport holder. That being said, the number of people applying for passports online is increasing every year and the Government is trying to get ahead of this. Through the intervention of various agencies, the Government took the entire passport creation process online. This is a giant step in the right direction and in urban cities like Bombay, Bangalore and many others, people availed this facility, make changes or even renewing their expired passports. That’s not all, passports applied for through the website were posted home, through the Indian post.

However, this was not the case throughout the country. There are parts of India unconnected to the internet, while the largest part of the population uses the internet through their phones, which is quite inconvenient for uploading documents and general content. Older adults, not completely tech-savvy, preferred heading to their passport offices to clear all doubts. The Government found that it made sense to leave the offices open for these basic queries, which meant they had not really solved much. It has to be mentioned that passport offices were now a lot more efficient, with desks for every query and lines moving smoothly, since major offices were outsourced to different departments.

With the increased number of people applying for passports every year and a negligible number getting Passport online, it meant that lines at the passport offices are still present. Furthermore, passport agents who assist people with their passports needs create passports directly through the office. In conclusion, yes the new systems of passport creation are better, with the Government taking initiative and moving in the right direction. However, a lot needs to be handled before pushing for an online system.

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