Origin of the Portuguese Passport in Goa along with it’s ill effects.

Goa was a Portuguese colony in the late 1960’s after which it was liberated by India. During the Portuguese regime, all the residents had to compulsorily have a travel document called as “Bilhette de Identicao” (BI) if they intended to travel to any other state.
After the liberation, the residents adopting the Indian culture also adopted the English spelt names, where in Cardosos became Cardozos, Filipes became Phillip. People born after the 1960 carried their parent’s names along with their own with the English accent.
With shortage of gainful employment opportunities in Goa, people started migrating to European countries where there was ample scope of high paid employment with better living conditions. The young generation naturally got inclined to go to Portugal or other European countries after obtaining Portuguese Passports. The greener posture of these countries killed the love for the mother land and deprivation of nationality.

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