Indian Passport Holder : Guide to Applying for a Visa for Australia

Indian nationals are now eligible to lodge visit visa applications for Australia on-line w.e.f 1st of July 2017.
Online passport application offers advantages like 24/7 accessibility, electronic payment of the visa application charge and therefore the ability to ascertain the status of applications lodged on-line.
With the applicant’s permission, the online form is completed by a 3rd party like a loved one here or in Australia, an agent, or our contracted visa application centre, VFS.
Processing times for these visas can currently be quicker, as each applications and supporting documentation are instantly accessible to the process office.

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General data
the visit visa (subclass 600) helps you to visit Australia for leisure or business traveller activities.
Tourism includes holidays, recreation and seeing family or friends.
Business traveller activities might embody attending a conference, negotiation or an explorative business visit.
You cannot work for or offer services to a business or organisation in Australia or sell product or services to the general public. If you’re aiming to do short-term work in Australia you ought to apply for the new Temporary work (short stay activity) visa (subclass 400).
People intending informal study or coaching for fewer than three months, may additionally apply for a visit visa.
Longer visit visas for folks of Australian citizens and Permanent Residents
Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents are able to apply for visit visas to go to Australia for longer durations.

The department can grant on a independent basis:
• visit visas of up to 5 years validity which give a stay of up to twelve months on every entry to those folks that are outside Australia and are within the Parent (subclass 103) visa queue.
• visit visas of up to 3 years validity with twelve months stay every entry are going to be thought of for parents that are outside Australia and aren’t within the Parent visa queue.
Please note that a condition is placed on these visas that restricts the time you stay in Australia to twelve months in each eighteen months.
Visa Requirements>> where to apply >> once You Apply >> processing Times

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Document list
See: Document list – Tourist Stream
See: Document list – Business Stream

Visa application charges
A list of current fees and charges for a visit visa is offered at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.
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Application form
See: on-line applications
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